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Michael Williams
MW Plastering

“ There are a lot of personal development courses but only a very few, like Energy Diamond Coaching, allow you to explore your real self and allow you to take the time to sit back and actually plan out who you really are and where you're going.

It's refreshing to look at something that is based on scientific fact rather than just pure faith.

During my time when I was doing Energy Diamond Coaching, it helped me through quite an emotional upset that was going on and gave me a lot of tools to use in time management, in emotional control, in how to view other people's needs and how to look at a situation and get a full perspective and step outside the box. I'd recommend it to anyone who wants to explore themselves more. ”

Paul Kalus
Cheshire, UK

“ I found Energy Diamond to be a completely new way of addressing personal development and improvement.

The way it is presented lets you see any problem areas ( and they can be quite small ) and shows you how to get back on the right lines. The tasks that are set to help you do just that are always in line with your basic values and so aren't as daunting as they sound.

The sessions are regular and quite long (usually at least an hour) so it is worth noting that you'll need to be committed to spending time on it if you plan to do the ED coaching. That said, the coaching is extremely well tailored to the individuals needs and is presented by a helpful and knowledgable teacher. The sessions can be very flexible and there is always plenty of friendly support.

It's the most thorough course I've ever been on in this field.

Thank you Mr. Rasool. ”

Julie Sutcliffe

“ I felt that the experience of Energy Diamond Coaching was so accurate at pinpointing areas in my life which I needed to work on. Once this was done the final assessment was also spot on where I had changed and the areas I still needed to work on. I definitely felt more positive and it gave me more confidence. Over the 3 to 4 months my energy levels increased by 9% and I felt that I had more energy to do things.

For my Personal Security I was going through a particularly hard time due to change in work circumstances, I was given direction and focus to deal with financial worries instead of burying my head in the sand, which helped me.
In the Spiritual/Creative part of my life, Energy Diamond helpede me realize that I had completely neglected the creativity which I have always previously enjoyed.

In the area of Learning I discovered that I tend to learn about something, let other people know about it and then do it for myself. I put people before myself far too much and by the end of the course I realized that it is better to balance this.

Personally, I found I need to by true to myself instead of being a yes person, being more assertive when necessary.

Socially as well as in work, I became aware that I needed to remember to be authentic (true to myself). With my Leadership qualities I found emotionally I use this talent by being a voluntary worker for the Samaritans. ”


Yvonne Halling
Mad About Bubbly
Cheshire, UK

“Energy Diamond Coaching has been a challenging journey over the past two months. The coaching process is so different in that it is based on scientific principles and structure, so I could see exactly what was going on in my life.

Through a series of coaching calls and exercises, I totally shifted my focus into a more balanced way of life, based in the NOW and following the principles of energy in, energy out.

The result is that I feel more centred, grounded and focussed than I have ever felt in my entire life, which has had a dramatic effect on those around me also.”

Jo-Anne Phillips
Senior Learning and Development Specialist
Cardiff Local Government

“I found the overall experience of Energy Diamond to be very positive. At the beginning I was a little bit wary, and after the first session I wasn’t at all sure what I’d got myself into-it felt different to what I was expecting and it didn’t tick the stereotypical coaching boxes. I went into the second session hoping for some clarification. Thankfully it arrived! The second session enabled me to get a better understanding. I was surprised at my initial profile results, but decided to wait and see.

Seeing the Energy Diamond for the first time was a bit overwhelming, I thought I understood as Jaz was explaining, but in reality I still wasn’t sure-the videos helped here and it started to make sense.

Looking at my history was a bit scary and I felt quite vulnerable-however, Jaz and Stuart were great in the way they made me feel at ease. I was able to identify the links and things started to take shape.

The Energy Mapping process then became a part of my routine and I never stop being surprised when a coincidence happens.

In summary the Energy Diamond experience has made me think very differently. It has in a way made me address things that I perhaps wouldn’t have linked together.

I felt quite excited as I went through the process, particularly as I started to see a difference in my emotion and energy. Planning activities was difficult, but when I reflected and identified the activity had actually taken place, I started to see ways that I could approach the challenges ahead.

The Energy Mapping process within Energy Diamond Coaching has enabled me to maximise my opportunities and get the best out of the situations I am faced with, increasing my ability to manage my emotions and take time out when I need to. Absolutely brilliant! ”

Joan Lowndes

“ I think this is an excellent way to discover what is going on in your life and therefore how it can be changed for the better. It is very specific and personal to you and highlights your competency in some areas, your challenges in others and your comfort areas where you might be residing too long for your mental, spiritual and physical health.

The explanations are clear and insightful. Jaz's enthusiasm for his work comes across in the tone of his voice and the pace of the meeting. I found the personal tutorials following the self assessment to be both educational and very accurate.

During the first month I did experience some emotional turmoil which I'm sure was related to the self development. I continued doing the exercises and soon regained a kind of balance which has a new feel about it. I'm much more willing to engage with others on a personal level.

I feel that I know myself better and I'm more confident because I have made progress very quickly. I also feel very different as a human being. I always had lots of energy but I discovered that a lot of it was dissipated by dwelling on the past and future instead of living in the present.

In my case Jaz explained my strengths and weaknesses very eloquently which gave me the tools to move forward. ”

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