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Karen Shaw
Always Inspired Consultancy

“ Energy Diamond is an incredibly in-depth profiling and coaching system. It showed me clearly and very accurately what areas of my life I was neglecting and 'blocked' in and how with a very specific set of coaching points and tasks followed in a specific order allowed me to 'unblock' and allow flow. It highlighted where my focus and actions had caused challenges and presented opportunities and how to deal with and take advantage of both, which has resulted in my feeling calmer and clearer. Very Valuable. ”

Dave Loewy
Engaging Wisdom Consultancy
West Sussex,UK

“ EDC has given me much greater insight and a structured approach to personal challenges and areas for development. It offers an accurate recognition of what is and isn't working in my life and through this it allows me to make changes which give me greater access to energy.

EDC draws together a wealth of ideas from a very wide range of philosophies, sciences and the arts. The guided, repeatable question "inventories" created a view of my preferences and behaviour over time which is unlike any other personality profile or therapeutic technique. As a result, EDC can suggest simple series of activities to make changes that would increase my value to myself and to others. ”

Jonathan Pritchard
Senior Physicist
Qinetic Ltd

“ Energy Diamond is unique amongst the many assessment, development and coaching courses I have experienced during my life. Before I started my life was out of balance but I did not know why. The initial assessment was surprisingly accurate, and the tasks and coaching I received were highly supportive and not onerous. Before long, everything seemed to settle into the right place and I realised I was beginning to change in a subtle but highly significant way. It was as if my life had been a tapestry with some vital threads and colours missing that were suddenly beginning to regenerate. At the end, I appreciated that I was on a journey through life where the obstacles were fading one by one, and it was as if I had been coming into focus in the eyes of other people as well as myself. A lot more was beginning to happen, and my journey was beginning to run like a well-oiled machine at the right rate.

Initially, Energy Diamond seemed very strange, however one thing stands out and that is that it works. It is surprising and it is exciting, and I would recommend it to anyone. What is more, Jaz and Anna were positive and supportive, and really friendly people to work with. ”

Kenneth Spencer
Belvedere School of Motoring
Burnley, UK

“ I have been involved in personal development - self development for over 20 years, in that time I have experienced many personality profiling methods and programs aimed at self development.

I can say with confidence that Energy Diamond has been one of the most accurate, in depth and useful systems I have ever come across. I say this because it is so accurate there is nowhere for you to hide! Your whole life and personality is exposed to the light of truth!

It not only gives you an accurate picture, it highlights the areas where you need work.

The one thing the Energy Diamond system delivers is that unlike other programs, it also gives you the reasons for the challenges you have, and a series of specific daily tasks you need to do to improve those areas.

My ability to communicate with my pupils increased as did their ability to achieve breakthroughs in areas of challenge for them

Both Jazz and Debra have a wealth of knowledge to bring to the table. Jazz has a really simple, easy and foolproof method for curing procrastination instantly, providing you can procrastinate!

If you really, really want to move forward, Energy Diamond is the one for you! ”

Surin Satveer
Bedford Chropractic Clinic
Bedfordshire, UK

“ Energy Diamond helped me appreciate that I was not writing my goals or actionable activities down so I was not achieving what I should be. It made me aware that I was chasing too many preferences rather than priorities. It also made me appreciate that I was not dealing with past issues such as an old relationship.

Energy Diamond coaching encompassed a lot more variety and was a lot more in depth than other coaching programs. It took me into new and interesting insights. The concept of getting into your Flow by working through the energy paths was a very holistic approach and certainly very different from any other coaching format. ”


Energy Diamond Coaches | Clients: Page 1 [Page 2] Page 3

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