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Evan Root
Founder, Kindling Point

“ My experience with Energy Diamond has been energizing. The results of my questionnaire were startlingly revealing, which got my attention from the start. I found that moving through the challenges and opportunities yielded additional energy for me as I took up some projects that had lingered in the "good idea" stage for too long and explored some new territories in my local environment.

I am impressed with the integrity and effectiveness of the Energy Diamond system. The coaching conversations were always insightful and supportive.

By identifying and working with natural energy flows, Jaz Rasool has integrated the spectrum of life's domains into an innovative, holistic coaching system that effectively provides structure and support for accelerating progression along the path of one's intention. ”

Penny Newton
Coach/Business Consultant
Oak Tree Business Consultants

“ Working through the Energy Diamond process has been an amazing journey for me. It has contributed hugely to unblocking some deep-rooted issues in my personal life that has enabled me to learn and move forward, in the knowledge that progress has been made. The process is truly impressive - on one hand very mathematical and scientific, and on the other very emotional and spiritual. I've been honoured to work with Jazz - his expertise with Energy Diamond is remarkable and his commitment to clients makes the experience an extremely beneficial one. ”

Helen Brand
Project Manager
Mental Health Charity

“ Overall I know I have benefited immensely from participating in the ED course, I was fortunate enough to have enough free time to complete it successfully at a time when I needed coaching through quite a lot of personal and career difficulties. It gave me a strong solution based focus and broke huge goals down into surmountable dot to dot pathways. Rather than aiming so high that I would fail and lose confidence I began to build a foundational approach to arriving at the outcome, taking one step at a time and so beating myself up less. ED is a journey that any individual can continue to take after the tuition has finished; the coaching provides a toolkit to empower the person to self-direct themselves into a future where they want to be. ”

Nicola Dickens
Managing Director
Make It Happen Consultancy

“ My past has been fraught with challenges and traumas from being a child, I have endured two emotional breakdown's and consequently diagnosed with depression, despite this I still managed to set up my own business but was finding that I was exhausted to the point I constantly had colds and aches and pains of one kind of another, plus I was working myself to death (literally).

Then Energy Diamond came along - it's changed my life. I've managed to say goodbye to the past, to the things that were holding me back giving me more energy to focus on living life in the current. Through Energy Diamond I have been able to connect with my creative self, I've found me, what I am about and believe me I intend to tell the whole world!

This new found energy and authenticity has had a direct benefit on my work, the impact that I am making and we have had an amazing increase in profit levels that I could have never envisaged before I became involved in Energy Diamond. The most important part is that I have found me again, made a new friend and ally in myself and am on a personal journey to continue my development.

The process has been so precious to me - ED has helped me find my spiritual heart - that is invaluable. Thank you so much.

Thank you Energy Diamond - you have changed my life (path). ”

Andrew Middleton
Technical Manager
Qinetic Ltd

“ During my business career I've had two extensive personal coaching courses, paid for by the company. Both addressed achieving home-work balance, assuming that key to burnout avoidance in senior management. Both then went on to address specific areas of my choice, offering a useful and independent sounding board for ideas and approaches. However the home-work balance really did not work out in either case. It's the Energy Diamond approach to staying cheerful, energetic and sane that I especially commend as, in my case, having made a real and sustainable difference.

Energy Diamond instead looks at 5 areas across which you must achieve balance, and that can be at home, work or a mixture. It shows you that issues you thought unlinked are linked. That spending very modest amounts of time on matters you thought unimportant restore energy in areas that are key. That areas in which you are strong are actually the source of your weakness in other fields. And it teaches you methods and tricks to keep that balance. If you have to keep up that cracking pace and you want to stay strong, cheerful and effective, try Energy Diamond. ”

Energy Diamond Coaches | Clients: [Page 1] Page 2 Page 3

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