Your Passport to Effective Social and Business Networking

Jaz Rasool explores a new form of online identity that is set to revolutionise Social and Business Networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Ecademy and Linked in.

Your Social DNA can help you choose what friends you connect with on Facebook and who is worth following on Twitter. Social DNA helps you determine whether you're likely to superficially connect with people or go on to develop rapport and relate with them in a resonant way.

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For Internet based Social and Business networking media such as Facebook, Ecademy, MySpace, Twitter and Linked In, how can you find people who are on the same wavelength as you? How about finding people who could complement you? The answer is to find someone who has the same ‘Social DNA’ profile as you. People in Social and Business networks can get a unique Social DNA profile by answering a questionnaire provided by online Social DNA profiling provider Energy Diamond (

What a good Social DNA profile is and what it isn't.

Social DNA isn't about what music or movies people like or whether they like to go to night clubs or classical music concerts. It’s about something more fundamental but equally changeable. Social DNA is more about directions you want your life to go for yourself as well as with others. It defines how your preferences and priorities influence one another in your personal life as well as in the environments of others. Unlike biological DNA, Social DNA is not fixed and it can change as a result of triggers from life’s events.

Energy Diamond Social DNA goes beyond other Social DNA profiles which simply map your likes and dislikes and may have nothing to do with your true intentions in how you want your life to unfold. Energy Diamond's Social DNA doesn't focus on your interests, it's focus is your intentions. It doesn't focus on your preferences, it's focus is your priorities and how you intend to unfold them. It doesn't focus on whats relevant to you, it's focus is on whats resonant with you -whats on your 'vibe','wavelength' or frequency. Within this though it can show you what 'energy' you need to tune into within yourself to make your life genuinely relevant through making the right kind of difference in your life as well is in the world you live in.

Our biological DNA defines the possibilities for how our bodies develop and grow. Your Social DNA defines the possibilities for what your lifestyle engages with, how you connect to people and who you socialise with. More importantly it can show us why we have the habits we do. Social DNA identifies the meaning of our lives and what purpose our lives are focussed on.

Energy Diamond's Social DNA shows what your life has become as a result of your life's experiences. It can also show what new experiences your life could unfold into. It can reveal which experiences might come together to redefine your life. It can show you what you're best at doing with other people as well as what things remain for you to do with them. It can show you the journey you're on in life, the way you've been travelling, a possible destination, your preferences and priorities as well as how far in your Life’s journey you've come.

Biological DNA, to some extent can define the physical health we have and how long we might live-especially if we have inherited certain traits from our ancestors. Social DNA can influence the health of our connectedness with other people as well as how a person relates to themselves. It can even influence the longevity of relationships and how far someone gets in completing meaningful things in their life.

Everything in Society has Social DNA.

Its not just people that have Social DNA. The Social DNA of a business defines how it manages its relationships with employees, customers and shareholders as well as the market sector it operates in. A retail brand can have a Social DNA that underpins what kind of people buy into it. A political party or even an idea or view can have a Social DNA. Any two things that have Social DNA can be matched to identify mutual resonance.

Just as members of a family share a certain resonance (especially twins) so people who belong to the same Social 'Family' will always have things that connect them no matter how they relate with one another or what preferences or priorities they centre their lives around.

Social DNA Matching

It is possible to 'match' the Social DNA of a person with someone else’s. The match can result in a suggestion of three kinds of connection - Similar, Complementary and Opposite.

A person you socialise with may well be a mix of these social connections. They may be similar in some areas but complementary or opposite in others. Some people may be completely similar or complementary to you, maybe even the opposite of you. Each connection has its place in shaping the health of our lifestyle and what we make our lives into. Not everyone likes being with people who are the same as themselves, they may very well prefer someone who is completely opposite or feel the need to be with people that complement or ‘complete’ them.

Social DNA and your Growth as a Human Being

Social DNA influences conventional IQ and Emotional Intelligence. It actually defines an integrated intelligence with which you think, feel, create and aspire within all parts of your lifestyle. It is about how intelligently you do things so that you feel really alive. Energy Diamond links your Social DNA into your VQ, your Vitality Quotient. VQ is a measure of how effectively your intelligences work with one another to make you feel really alive. Your Social DNA and VQ project how energetically and effectively you can connect, relate and grow with yourself and with others.

Social DNA can also reveal how how much you are living in a way that is aligned to who you truly and authentically are. Being the person on the outside thats the same as who you truly are on the inside determines the commitment you put into making the most of your talents and relationships. Social DNA provides this measure of the impact you have on the world. It calculates this impact from the measure of what lessons or skills you have learnt in life and the measure of commitment or alignment you have behind them.

Online Social DNA profiling services

A few online sites do offer Social DNA services but not all of them cover the features highlighted in this article. At the time of writing this article only Energy Diamond was offering all the features described here for Social DNA.

A good Social DNA service does not just provide a ‘snapshot’ of a person’s social and lifestyle inclinations. It must provide information about what a person will unfold into. At present only Energy Diamond offers this information in their profile results.

Your Social DNA will determine what friends you get on Facebook and who will follow you on Twitter. For business Energy Diamond's Social DNA will ensure you don't just superficially connect with people but can go on to relate with them in a resonant way.


Social DNA Service Provider: Energy Diamond

Energy Diamond has been researching Social DNA with hundreds of case studies between 2008 and 2010 using what they call a ‘resonance engine’. It brings together knowledge of cultural, social and personal development approaches from the East including principles from Chinese, Indian and Arabic cultures. The techniques of the East have been combined with coaching and therapy principles from Western Psychology and Business Learning and Development approaches.

The questionnaire behind their Social DNA Profile, Atmascape, asks 30 questions on what things a person has learned as well as how well they have learnt them and who with. The results show what areas a person has the most resonance with. Associated maps visualise the results in an intuitive way, highlighting important areas with traffic light colouring.

By identifying areas where resonance exists and is lacking the results can also identify social stress, pressure and strengths -useful in Stress Management tasks. The direction the person seems to be taking with their lives is also identified. A persons Social DNA direction reveals whether they are working with their imagination and trying to get grounded and more real or whether they are practical, empowered and realistic and are trying to become more imaginative and creative.

SocialDNA Space

One example of an Energy Diamond map of a person's Social DNA space

A persons Social DNA profile can be matched with another person, a community, an employer and even retail products and services.


Social DNA is a fingerprint of what you are learning to be in life, especially within your Social Life and Work Life.

Within your Social DNA are the seeds of your success as well as the authentic gifts you can use to make a difference to the world.

You can use a FREE Social DNA profile to:

  • Vitalise Personal and Work Relationships
    By knowing your Social DNA and working with other peoples you can have
    effective personal and work relationships and begin to complete your bigger life lessons.
  • Prioritise Social Network Relationships
    Within Social media networks go beyond just linking with people-find people to
    actually relate to and grow with that are on a similar or helpful wavelength.
  • Optimise Life and Business Coaching
    Get coaching on the right goals and make the best of your energies.
    You have needs that broadcast at specific frequencies, find coaches who are tuned in.
    Coaches can use the unique skill sets in their Social DNA to attract clients they can truly help.
  • Energise Business Branding and Marketing Campaigns
    Customers can find products and services that have their kind of chemistry.
    Businesses can build resonant relationships with ideal customers.

For grown-up networking , personal development and business success learn to use your Social DNA!

Energy Diamond’s subscribers will be able to get a Social DNA profile for free and update it for free once every month. Paid subscribers can update their Social DNA more frequently and can have access to additional ‘resonance’ services.

You can register for a free Social DNA profile at

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